The Bookish Box: A Review

And now for something a little different…

I love the idea of a monthly subscription. A year or so ago, I tried Ipsy for a few months, but ended up canceling it because I was underwhelmed by the generic products I was receiving. I’ve since heard that if you review your Ipsy bag, they’ll start tailoring it to your likes. Funny, I thought that was the purpose of the giant survey you take when you sign up. Anyway, I have gamer friends that subscribe to Loot Crate. My best friend gets a makeup box that for the life of me, I cannot remember what it’s called. GLAMbox? Glossy Box? I think it’s Glossy Box. I also have a couple writer friends that get book boxes every month.

I did some research. There’s a lot of YA-themed monthly boxes, and while I’m not anti-YA, (I do read it whenever I want) I didn’t feel like a YA-only box would fit what I’m looking for. I really looked long and hard at the Book Riot box before talking myself out of it. Finally, I settled on The Bookish Box. The Bookish Box doesn’t actually send you books, but they do send book themed stuff, and their t-shirts looked cute, so I decided to go for it.

The Bookish Box bills you on the 20th of the month before your delivery. From what I’ve learned, this is different than the billing cycle for most monthly subscriptions. The box actually ships between the 10th and the 12th of the month, so maybe it’s me, but the wait felt really long. Especially since the label for my box wasn’t printed until the 15th, didn’t reach the carrier until the 18th, and finally arrived on the 20th…the same day I was billed for next month. But whatever. It got here.

Let’s talk about the box which was mystery themed this time around…


So, I got a door hanger which, while it’s cute, it’s also 2016. I haven’t actually used a door hanger since I handpainted one at church camp as a kid. There’s a Nancy Drew magnetic bookmark which should work great with my Kindle…next there’s the bow. I’m not sure how well it shows up in the picture, but the print looks like dictionary paper which I really like a lot. The small metal container is a From the Page soy candle in their “221B Baker Street” scent. Their Etsy page says the fragrance used is Black Currant Tea and Leather. I thought it smelled kind of fruity. I like it, but I don’t smell tea or leather or Sherlock Holmes. The quote on the t-shirt is inspired by the book See How They Run by Ally Carter who I believe** was this month’s guest curator. It looks like it fit, and it’s pretty soft, so I’m down with that.

I wasn’t completely blown away by this first box, but I was totally let down either. Down the road, I might try Book Riot or Owlcrate or Uppercase or one of the other many bookish/writerly boxes out there. Since I’ve already paid for next month, I’m going to stick with Bookish Box for now, and I’m probably going to wear that shirt tomorrow.

**I could be wrong, and I’m not going to bother to actually look it up.


One thought on “The Bookish Box: A Review

  1. mylitlife says:

    Hey! If you’re looking for an adult themed monthly box that also sends books, check out Lit Cube. As far as the Riot Boxes go, I did their YA one and just wasn’t impressed. I doubt their adult one would be much better.

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