Camp NaNoWriMo, April 2015: Week #2 — Whoa-oh, We’re Halfway There!

Goal Word Count: 10,000
Current Word Count: 5,911

Oh-OH, living on a prayer! Today is April 15th, known to many as “Tax Day” but known to me as halfway to April 30th and therefore the Camp National Novel Writing Month halfway point. I’m a little bit ahead of goal, and I’ve written 13 out of 15 days. Yes, the goal was to write every day, and that is officially still the overall goal. Sometimes life happens though. The important thing this time is when I missed two days (Saturday and Sunday) I wrote again on Monday. Last month, when I stopped writing, I didn’t write again until April.

My strange little couple that decided to impose themselves on my “different short story every day plan” did not stay on the back burner. I’ve found that it’s easier to throw them in a situation and see what happens. Being as I’m still pushing myself to write every day, I’m okay to go with whatever comes out. First drafts aren’t supposed to be good, and no one will ever see it, so if I want to write paragraphs and paragraphs of this weird couple I made up, I can do that right? I’m a writer. I do what I want.

I think it may be time to return to my Pinterest prompts and see if I can spark something new and creative. This funk is killer, but I’m dedicated to pushing through this time or at least through to 10,000. I once wrote 50,000 words about zombies overtaking Huntington, so I think I can manage to write 4,089 words about whatever I want. I have to tell you though. Sometimes I feel like Daisy on Spaced who cleaned her whole apartment as an excuse not to write. When she did finally write….well, this happened…

I sit down, and I write. I write out my heart and soul. Hours seem to fly. I’m really onto something. I look at my word count….189 words. The goal is at least 250. And then I realize I’ve only been writing for four minutes.

I guess when it comes right down to it, right now, I’m just a little blue fish, and I’ve got to just keep swimming….or writing…something like that.



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