Paved Meat: A Roadkill Romance

Before I get to today’s short story, I would like to point out that today marks two full weeks that my blog has been in existence.  In that time, I have swindled 59 Facebook likes out of you (Please click HERE if you’d like to become number 60!), and this blog has been viewed 200 times!  Thank you each and everyone of you for your support.  I did not think anybody except for maybe my dad would read this.  Maybe my aunts or grandma, but I did not anticipate this volume of support!  So, again, thank you.

This post marks the last of my reserves, and starting with the next post, I will be writing specifically for the blog.  I have been scouring the internet for writing prompts, have a few ideas of my own, and plan on posting about twice a week.

Last month for our Wicked Wordsmiths of the West’s writing prompt, we used The Titles Have Been Chosen flash fiction challenge from Chuck Wendig’s blog  I did not finish (or begin if I’m being honest) in time to participate in the challenge on Mr. Wendig’s blog, but here it is in all its glory (or something like it), my flash fiction story Paved Meat: A Roadkill Romance.


Paved Meat: A Roadkill Romance

The moonlight reflected off of Griselda’s silver fur as she looked back over her shoulder to meet Rodolfo’s gaze. The two opossums had just finished a delightful round of appetizers at the dumpster behind the Wendy’s, and now they were off to a moonlit dinner on the side of West Virginia Route 2. Fresh groundhog, how romantic!

Griselda and Rodolfo stopped upon arriving at their dinner. The crickets chirped a melodious love song in the field behind them as Rodolfo tenderly nuzzled Griselda’s pink nose. He motioned for his beautiful date to dig in, so she did. Rodolfo thought to himself that he would always remember the cute little noise she made when she ate.

Just then, bright blinding twin lights beamed down on the lovers from the west. Tires screeched as Griselda cried out “Rodolfo!” and then everything went black.


Hours later, dawn was breaking as the state road maintenance truck pulled over to the shoulder of West Virginia Route 2. Two men climbed out of the cab of the truck, pulling on large gloves as they approached the roadkill.

“Whadda we got here? A pile up!”

“Is that two ‘possums and a groundhog? Looks like they had a party going on!”

“Those ‘possums look like they’re staring at each other.” The older man grimaced. “It’s…gross. Jimmy, hand me that shovel…”


3 thoughts on “Paved Meat: A Roadkill Romance

  1. Dad says:

    I was playing off the reaction of those little boys who had just seen ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’. Do you remember? Their parents videoed their reaction and put it on YouTube.

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